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Fuel Shark Fuel Saving Device

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Fuel Shark Fuel Saving Device

Fuel Shark Fuel Saving Device

Take a bite out of your gas bill. Save on gas, save the earth.

With gas prices higher than ever and on the rise, you need to find ways to fight back. The Fuel Shark will not only pay for itself but will continue to save you money!

How does it work?

Just plug and save! The Electrical components in your car’s electrical system are interconnected with each other. To get superior performance from your car, it must have a clean electrical circuit environment. Many cars develop electrical imbalances over time due to the power demands made by various accessories and normal wear on batteries, spark plugs and other parts.

To maintain optimum electrical performance and improve MPG, your car will run better with a stable voltage environment. The Fuel Shark provides just that. It is a multi-purpose Voltage Stabilizer. Fuel Shark’s worldwide patent pending design instantly stabilizes your car’s electrical system, resulting in better fuel efficiency and overall performance. By stabilizing your car’s electrical system, one big benefit is that your engine’s spark plugs deliver a strong even spark, resulting in better combustion. This can increase power and MPG, in addition to having cleaner emissions.

This revolutionary technology provides consumers with an inexpensive way to save money at the gas pump and help our environment at the same time. Better yet, there are no installation charges. Just plug the Fuel Shark into you car’s lighter adapter and the blue light will let you know that the Fuel Shark is working, and reminds you that you are saving money!

Will work on any vehicle as long as the vehicle runs on a standard 12 volt system (most vehicles do).


Increase gas mileage!
Lower emission!
Increased horsepower!
Longer battery life!
Start working instantly!
Works on gas & diesel engines!
Easy to install!
No mechanic required!

1 x Fuel Shark Gas Saving Device

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Jim Shanklin says:

Pure and simple GARBAGE AND FRAUD If I could give minus stars it would be -5. This thing is junk. Pure and simple fraud. Use the money to buy more gas for your car. It will do more for you that way. As reported in consumer reports [...] all this thing does is light up. Since it draws power your engine would have to run a little more to replace the energy used thus actually giving you LESS milage. Think about it, your 12 volt power source is one way. It is a wire leading from your fuse block in a DIRECT CURRENT system. There is no way the power is looped back. It goes into this devise and then to ground. Electricity only flows in one direction in a DC system. From positive to negative, or to ground. Nothing can change that. In no way can this piece of garbage “condition” anything. Save fuel? It is simply impossible.

L. Carr says:

Complete nonsense. This device is nothing more than a light that plugs into your cigarette lighter or accessory plug. It has no effect on fuel efficiency, and there is no possible way such a device ever could. Pure nonsense for the technically illiterate and habitually gullible.

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